Welcome to Agrastar

Agrastar is one of the leading agribusiness companies in Myanmar. Myanmar, previously known as Burma, is the largest country in mainland Southeast Asia and the last untapped agriculture resource rich country in the world. The country is poised to emerge as Asia’s next agriculture powerhouse.

Myanmar’s main crop is rice. The country is endowed with abdundant water, sunshine, and vast amounts of fertile land that is ideal for growing premium varieties of organic long grain rice. Agrastar is a vertically integrated rice producer. We manage everything from production and processing to branding and selling to the biggest markets in the world. With a world-class operations team, professional partners, and a conscientious approach, we are the most reliable partner in the market for rice.


Agrastar is a leading manufacturer of high-quality premium rice. Facilities include a 500 tons per day rice mill, the largest export-oriented facility in the country. Operations are strategically located in the heart of the Ayeyarwady delta, Myanmar’s breadbasket region where 50% of the country’s rice is harvested.

The Partnership


Singapore based Agrocorp International has deep industry-specific experience in rice marketing and factory management gained from operating four successful processing plants in Canada, and decades of food export experience from Myanmar.


Chincorp is Myanmar’s foremost food & beverage company and is a leader in agri-inputs and food processing. They provide crucial local experience in farmer management and paddy sourcing.


RiverWest Capital is a private equity firm with a strong focus on food and agribusiness. They contribute capital, and expertise in finance, international partnerships, and corporate governance.